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We specialize in after market support for Turblex-HV-Turbo-Siemens brand blowers as well as other brands.


Turblex Siemens blower models KA or GO models 2, 5, 10, 22, 44, 66, 80, 100


Turblex Siemens blower models KA or GO models 2, 5, 10, 22, 44, 66, 80, 100 and related gear sets are highly engineered products that can only be service by experience professionals. Control systems with variable inlet and discharge guide vanes must also be carefully programmed to ensure not just reliability but also to ensure optimum efficiency.

Lone Star manufactures its own aftermarket parts to the precise standards needed to ensure the quality and reliability that meets or exceeds original OEM specifications. All work Lone Star does includes a comprehensive 1 year warranty (same as new).


Turblex Parts Turblex parts

Lone Star Blower Services

  • Overhauls — Lone Star will recondition the unit and return it to service with a same as new warranty at a fraction of the price for replacement
  • Rerates — Change the gear ratio to alter the original performance to meet new demands. Change the impeller blade profile to optimize aerodynamic performance
  • Field Service — Lone Star offers traveling technicians for repairs on locations
  • P.M. Service — Preventative Maintenance is important to make sure they are operating efficiently and reliably. Get a proposal to offer preventative maintenance on your existing blowers today.
  • Controls Upgrade — Need a better and simpler control system to make sure your investment is protected? Ask about a variable frequency drive control method to expand your flow range and improve efficiency.
  • Replacement — If your unit is cost prohibitive to repair, Lone Star can offer replacement units to meet or exceed original performance range.

Go to www.lonestarblower.com to see other products and services we offer. If you think you need faster and more responsive service, please give Lone Star a try.

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